International KnowHow / DoHow for Croatia

What makes Maltese more relaxed and happier than Croats?

We are located in Malta where we are working on the project “International KnowHow / DoHow for Croatia”.


The project is backed by KAIROS Mentor Andreas Wil Gerdes to boost CROATIA2.0 based on #healthyliving, #digitalization, and #empoweringpeople.

Andreas started visiting Croatia in 2017 and came up with what he calls CROATIA2.0 based on IOT (Integrity, Openness, and Transparency) as a brand and path to boost the country.


With this project, the Earth Trek Association is raising the awareness of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia about the importance of upgrading the quality of life by improving environmental conditions and ensuring the availability of healthy food.

– With this project, we want to provide the residents of Croatia (but also all other interested people, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, race and other division criteria) with an insight into the way of life that has proven to be excellent and sustainable in Malta. We want to present the positive aspects of life in Malta and translate it into the life of Croatian citizens.


Over the last 8 years, Malta has undergone numerous changes, primarily in the attitude of people towards everyday life, towards themselves, towards their health, but also about the environment in which they live.
Many Maltese have turned to food production and food preparation, choosing organic, healthy, plant-based food.
It is obvious that the people of Malta give a lot of importance to the so-called alternative methods of maintaining health and invest a lot in the prevention and strengthening of the body’s capacity to heal itself and defend itself against disease and to maintain the achieved balance. This is also noticeable in the names of restaurants and projects happening in Malta, so there are restaurants and shops called Balance Bowl, Dr Juice, Pure Living, etc., all of which point to the fact that Maltese are well aware that #healthyliving is closely linked to #healthyeating.
Malta is a great example of putting the #ImmunityWellness concept into practice.

Dr Juice restaurant

Maltese also turn to yoga, meditation, connecting with nature. In this way, they heal deeply engraved traumas that often keep us stuck in situations and places that are not good for us and do not allow us to progress and develop, and ultimately result in unfulfilled and unhappy living.


And I can say that the results in Malta are actually visible.
The first thing I noticed here is that the Maltese are extremely kind and warm, in a way that is sporadically seen in Croatia.
Moving aside on the street (even when the obstacle is on my side), greeting even though we don’t know each other (with the obligatory smile, of course), chatting at the bus station, warmth and benevolence, are the characteristics of Maltese that I would definitely like to portray to Croatian citizens.
I was especially impressed by the kindness and accessibility of drivers in public transport, atypical for the Croatian climate, and the staff in restaurants as well as doctors in the hospital are equally friendly in ways completely different from the usual Croatian way of behaving.


Ubiquitous nervousness, constant hustle and bustle, inability to find time for friends and socializing, feelings of heaviness and pressure, existential anxiety, are almost unknown in Malta.

Valletta by night

What ensures the Maltese such ease of living, low stress and a sense of peace we will try to discover in the coming days.

“Everything is better in Malta!” – maybe this is how this article sounds. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

I challenge you to find something we are better at than Malta!

And then to exchange the best of our sides and further improve the quality of life, both in Croatia and in Malta.

– Written by Natalija Svrtan