Restart Croatian tourism with the help of Covid-19 crisis

Largest reset for the planet directs our focus to the immune system

Sunshine, nature, and healthy food – a perfect setup for health tourism

Covid-19 offers Croatia the largest opportunity to boost tourism, targeting immunity wellness – addressing all who wants to recharge by combining nature, sunshine and healthy food. “, says Andreas Wil Gerdes, who initiated the idea of the „immunity wellness”. Andreas often visits Croatia and is familiar with Croatian natural beauties and Croatia’s big potential.
Croatia has a unique combination of sunshine, nature and the potential to grow healthy food.”, says Andreas.

Antonio Svrtan
Antonio Svrtan

Living in most unusual times, being closed indoor to protect ourselves and other people from contracting the Covid-19 virus, we are bringing to the attention the importance of our immune system.

The lack of physical activity, lack of fresh air, and especially the lack of sunlight needed to create D3 vitamin which is crucial in the prevention of many diseases, will decrease the body’s natural defense capacity. Lots of people will suffer from different consequences and medical conditions, and will need to recuperate.

Covid-19 crisis has made us aware of many moments and many aspects of living that passed unnoticed through our lives, so many people are considering the lessons they have learned during this crisis. The health and ability of our organisms to fight the diseases are shown to be shifted to the top of the priority lists.

Taking into account medical recommendations for boosting the immune system, we realize that Croatia is a perfect spot for recovering and for maintaining a healthy life. With its untouched natural beauty, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, we have a perfect base to design a unique and attractive touristic offer – Immunity boosting tourism.

At a time of paradigm shift, we should seize the opportunity to build up the capacity of our country to boost the economy through the sector which is known to be Croatia’s biggest contributor – tourism. The touristic offer should be customized according to the current events and demands. The Covid-19 crisis will tailor the demand for future years. People are now more than ever aware of the need to recover from their daily routines and stressed lives, of the importance to have an efficient immune system, and of the need to spend their leisure time in energy-boosting surrounding.

This offer will attract people craving for sunshine and outdoor activities and are investing in their health. We already have beautiful nature and lots of sunshine, the only thing that is missing is localy grown organic food, which is crucial for any programs including health promotion. Equally important is to preserve our natural resources, to keep them free of toxins. Croatia has rare combination of geographical and climatological advantages for growing organic food, we must exploit it, but in a sustainable manner, following the rules of the circular economy.”, says Natalija Svrtan from the organization Earth Trek.