“Pesticide Free Towns” movie – discover the connection between #CityManagement, #HealthyLiving and #ImmunityWellness

Earth Trek premieres the second educational movie from the”Pesticide Effects and Sustainable Alternatives” series

Pesticides Free Towns provide their citizens with a safe and healthy environment, and also contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals


After the first educational movie with German entrepreneur based in Malta Andreas Wil Gerdes as a guest speaker, we are premiering the second movie – “Pesticides Free Towns”, in collaboration with the Association of Croatian Cities
Pesticides Fee Towns” is a project of the organization PAN Europe that aims to connect cities and exchange experiences in the process of transition to sustainable ways of managing green areas, based on the principles of the circular economy.

The guests in the movie are the mayor of Ozalj, mr. sc. Gordana Lipšinić and the head of the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry of the City of Zagreb, Mrs. Branka Mrakužić, B. Sc., who explained why their cities decided to take a step further in preserving human health, the environment and nature.

Branka Mrakužić
Gordana Lipšinić

 The premiere of the film will take place at the conference “cITy UPGRADE” organized by Association of Croatian Cities, 10 Sepember 2020 at 10:45, and on Earth Trek’s YouTube channel, at the same time, on the following link: https://youtu.be/IWFV9kCRKWY.

Despite repeated calls for other Croatian cities to follow these positive examples, Zagreb and Ozalj remain the only Croatian cities that can boast of safe and #HealthyGreenSpaces.

“We made this educational movie to encourage mayors of other Croatian cities to commit to protecting the health of their citizens and to contribute to the protection of the environment and nature, as well as to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. At a time when the Covid crisis highlighted the importance of raising immunity protection from this and other diseases, living in a healthy environment is certainly of primary importance. A healthy and safe environment is also one of the basic settings for creating a tourist offer that includes “Immunity-wellness”, which is in high demand among foreign citizens. Many Croatian cities have this opportunity, we want to encourage them to use it.”said Natalija Svrtan, M. Sc., president of the Earth Trek Association.

City of Zagreb
City of Ozalj

The movie was recorded with funding from the Global Greengrants Fund and will be available for free broadcast.

Natalija is currently in Malta where she is working with Majbritt Kristensen, a circular economy expert, and Andreas Wil Gerdes, a successful entrepreneur and mentor, and other collaborators on the project “International KnowHow / DoHow for Croatia”, which aims to initiate positive change in the Republic Croatia, based on the experiences of people who have made significant changes in Malta in the last 8 years. The goal is to replicate this successful model on the Croatian situation.

Natalija Svrtan
Natalija Svrtan

The Earth Trek Association promotes sustainability, preservation of human health, the environment and nature, and is committed to reducing the use of pesticides with the aim of finally putting them out of use.

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